Diwali trends of 2018

The much awaited time of the year is right here. Time to dress up, wear new attires and your current favourite new pieces of jewellery or may be old. It is extremely important to know the trends when you sit to buy or style yourself with jewels. They call for a lot of investment and you can’t risk it with lost trend. Since it is something we don’t buy frequently we felt important to share with you the Diwali Jewel trends for 2018.

light sparkle all around, make sure you turn the heads of the masses at you gaze:

1) 1. Old is gold

The majestic gold jewellery has been ruing the hearts of Indian women since forever. Its timeless elegance and classic appeal can quench the thirst of traditional Indian women that still find immense satisfaction and security in the gleam of gold.

The old style of pairing them up with your saree or lehengas is back or we should say it never went out of style. This Diwali go for elegant pieces. There are so many exotic designs in market embellished with mythological figures and some ethnic symbols. In case you have a low cut blouse, go for big pair. It pops out extremely well.

Thus it stays on our top list as an alluring option to sparkle the Diwali this season.

2) 2. Kundan and Jadau Jewellery

This particular jewellery has never lagged behind to leave their stalker jaw dropped. It has been in use for decades and only recently has it escalated up the fashion ladder, capturing hearts.

If you are wearing heavily embroidered lehengas kundan blends perfectly with the look. To put more clarity, it is important to pair it up with right coloured stones. It can either match your attire or it can be extremely trendy with contrasting colors.

The shine, ethnicity and extravagance that it brings with it make us put it at number two trend of Diwali season.

3) 3. Sparkle all the way- Diamonds

The charisma and the beauty of a diamond necklace or studs are unparalleled to any other stone or studs. Thus obviously Diamonds jogs on one of the places when we talk about jewellery trends.

If you are putting up a simple ethnic wear, pair it up with a sleek designed diamond. We understand that Diamonds are pricey but trust us that they add a lot of elegance with a mere presence. Also they are now paired up with gold and kundan for a classic- contemporary look.

4) 4. Layered and Contemporary Jewellery

If you don’t want traditional look, layered jewellery is your call. It adds a lot uniqueness to your attire and makes you stand out. It is kind of a trend setter this Diwali season.

5) 5. Polki jewellery

Very similar to Kundan, it is another beautiful piece of jewel that can add a lot of charm to your look. Chandelier earrings featuring Polki stones go well with sarees and lehengas.