The DIwali Shopping List

 It’s the time of the year where you dazzle your way to shining, sparkling days and nights for the most decked up festival of the year -Diwali. Whether it be a gathering of family and friends or a fancy office party, there is no celebrating Diwali without donning a traditional attire and jewellery to complete the ensemble.  We know that most of us adhere to the age-old custom of buying Gold and silver during Diwali; but how many among us really wear the complete jewellery set after Diwali. Well, to maintain a healthy balance between fashion, art and tradition, its time to shop smart and trendy. We dug deep into our research and listed down 5 compelling and desirable Diwali jewellery trends for you, that will help you ace your look for Diwali and the upcoming months too. 
1.  Matte Gold Jewellery 

Isn’t the matte love not everywhere? Over the last few years, we saw the matte look take over fashion trends, car colours, beauty products etc.  
No doubt, it had to become the #Number1 trend for jewellery too. Matte gold jewellery has a dull and non-reflective finish which gives it a very sultry and poised appearance.  
The 2019 jewellery trend is incomplete without matte gold jewellery sets, which look lighter and unique. 

2. Tassel jewellery 

Diwali is not just about going traditional. You can bring that modern, colourful and joyful vibe with the long, slender, shoulder- touching tassel earrings. Over the last few months we saw tassels take over prominently in bags, shoes, shrugs, and jewellery too. Tassels have made themselves into an indispensable modern style statement. Diwali calls for the modern 
woman yet traditional look 
3. The Delicate Bracelet 

Less is more. This Diwali you can definitely ditch those traditional jewellery bangles and add the delicate finish bracelets. The American diamond bracelets are totally ruling the jewellery trends. Be it either traditional wear or the Indo-western, this piece of jewellery adds a different sparkle to your outfit. 

4. Maang Tikka 

Take your Diwali costume up a notch with a big maang tikka. While rest of the women limit their choices to necklaces and earrings, you stand apart from the crowd with this unique piece of jewellery.

5. Pops of Colours 

Go the bold route with bright, sparkly gemstones. 2019 Diwali trends call for matching the festivities by being colourful and vibrant. You can pick up gemstones like rubies, emerald or get yourself a piece in rose-gold or white gold to add wonder in the air. 

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