The First Piece of Jewellery!

What special memory do you have of your mother when you were a kid? The makeup she did or the perfume she sprayed? My fondest memory lies in her jewellery box that had those beautiful jewels kept with utmost care. The way she would put her earrings would excite me and at the same time worry me, “What if they fall or get lost somewhere?” or “ What if that bracelet slip out of her wrist while driving?”

As the jewellery box got replaced with bigger box over the years by admiration also grew bigger and bigger. As I grew to be a part of the process of how she would spend hours in picking up the right jewel, my fascination for the jewellery began.

I would spend hours with my mother when she cleaned her red velvet jewellery box only to learn about the exotic species I felt they were then. I remember her telling me about the details that go into buying the jewellery.

It was my 21st birthday when my parents told me to buy my first piece of jewellery. I knew they are going to invest financially so I invested in the decision emotionally. I am sure that is how each of you has felt when you sat to buy your first piece. If not for yourself, then may be for your partner or for your daughter.

For me it was going to be something that will define me when I wear it. Something that will give me confidence, protect me as I feel nervous. I wanted to make it my armour of being powerful and happy.

It’s in this phase that I got to learn the language of fine jewellery. To appreciate its beauty and process my mother told me 5 tips that I am sure will help you buy the fine piece of jewellery as you sit to experience it for the first time.

1) 1) What do you like to wear?

Know what you like and would love to wear. What is that piece that you are going to wear the most? It can be anything. The earrings, bracelet or an anklet. Think for a while about the type that pulls you and excites as I think about it.

2) 2) Choose a jeweller you trust.

You can resort to online for your research work but when it comes to buying visit a jeweller. For the ease of mind, you need touch and feel. Nothing beats trying it real time what you plan to buy. The jewellers are usually great listeners and explain you details as per your requirement and need.

There are also jewellers who help you with customized advice and personalized experience So when you step out to look for a jeweller, make sure it’s one with whom you can create a relationship with and build trust.

3) 3) Keep Style on top

You want modern, vintage or classic? It’s about the personal style that will help you decide what exactly you want. It’s important to list down your own check list for the kind of metal and colour that suits you best. No matter what you choose, make sure it should be something that you will love always.

4) 4) Is there any occasion?

Why do you want to buy your first piece of jewellery? Is there any specific occasion or a daily wear? Narrowing down where you’re going to wear it will help a ton when you visit the jewellers.

5) 5) Set your budget

This is the most important aspect when you have to buy the jewellery. Be it first time or nth time. It is important to have done your research, to know how much you can afford and to how much you can upgrade. Since a piece of fine jewellery is an investment there should be some calculation done at the back of your mind rather not buying it because of its high price.