Diwali, one of the biggest festivals in India brings with it a lot of shopping, celebrations and investment. The festival of lights is a time for family reverence to goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of prosperity. The core reason why everybody around you wants to buy jewellery to either treat them or to gift others, read auspicious days to buy jewellery here

Since the number of people who want to buy is way more than number of stores, the huge rush might make things little difficult for you. No matter how much are you buying for or when you are buying, make sure you have a check list when you leave home for a jewellery store.

We listed down 6 things that can help you make a sound and satisfying purchase.

1) Gold Rates

The price of gold does vary from city to city because of the other indirect cots like transportation and others but the difference is usually never too much. The prices should not vary much from the price on MCX and NCDEX rates. Make sure you check these indexes and don’t end up paying highly inflated prices.

2) Making charges

Refers to the cost of the labour involved and varies according to the detail and finish. But you can always bargain when it comes to these extra charges. Note that handcrafted jewellery usually has higher charges than machine made jewels. So feel free to ask the jeweller so that you know you are being charged fairly.

3) Offer

Diwali is all about sales and offers and we are sure there are special ones on jewellery too. Almost all the known brands offer special discounts and sometimes free gifts too. So you better do a research beforehand to reach out to the brand that gives you the best value for money. Don’t hesitate to ask out for offers yourself and clarify on terms and condition too.

4) Hallmark

Hallmark is the clear identification of the purity and composition of the jewel. It will either be represented in karats with the letter ‘K’ or in percentage form. It denotes the portion of gold the piece contains. This is extremely important to have a fair idea of what you are buying especially in high involvement jewellery.

5) Crowd

You know you are going to face packed stores if you don’t plan well. The best time is usually early in the morning if you want to avoid rush hour-shopping. Since buying jewellery takes time and also demands attention, you better choose to go a little early to narrow down your choices. Later you can go just to pick it up (In case you want to buy on that specific day only)

6) Jewellery stores

Buying from large and branded stores protects you against purchasing impure jewellery. Choose to go for small store only if you personally trust them or has been highly recommended by people you trust.