UGJIS 2020 : The Six Dimensions

Having exhibited, ‘The Power of Five’ in our fifth edition, we take pride in the fact that each ascribe we put forth was well accepted by our stakeholders thereby making UGJIS 2019 a huge success.

Our quest to offer the best of services in UGJIS continues in 2020 also and as always it has led us to think out-of-the-box and expedite the unthinkable while walking that extra mile for all our stakeholders.

As we move towards our sixth edition, UGJIS will integrate core values of six attributes which are considered to play pivots to the fulcrum of a successful exhibition. In the process, we will ensure a level of competence that augurs with the best in terms of quality, virtues, merit and ethics. This level will be a conglomerate of the six accredits, each unique yet interdependent. Ones that will define UGJIS 2020 and take it to the next level!


UGJIS is not just an exhibition but a way of thinking. It’s a thought that revolves around our customers. When we say customers, it refers to all our stakeholders. All the participants and visitors who define our show and contribute in making every year’ exhibition a huge success. Their continuous commitment, involvement and engagement proves to be extremely instrumental in helping us achieve our primary and secondary goals.

For them, our objective continues to make them feel connected to the place where they practice their trade for 3 good days. For year 2020, there are lot of bonuses planned which will vindicate their presence.


Today’s era which places chaos before order, we have addressed the issue of chaos and have made it a matter of convenience for our stakeholders. We strongly believe that that the time invested by participants and visitors is the strongest investment they make in making UGJIS a success. Thus, it become prerogative to them that they get the convenience of right opportunity at the right place, at the right time and for the right period. So that they can eke out maximum benefits from our show.


What needs to be transferred is as important as the process of transfer itself. Ambiguity and aberration are two deterrents which stall the process of information exchange. It is important that we offer the right communication so that our target audience is always well-informed. Therefore, we will be moving towards communication channels that are easily encoded and decoded thereby creating an efficient and effective environment for business rendezvous.



The roots of UGJIS lies in respecting all the stakeholders It is extremely sacrosanct for us to make all our participants and visitors feel that they are being treated equally and nobody is taking precedence. And this respect and care we must say is mutual. Our aim is to make them feel more secured, accepted and valued thus giving a human touch to all aspects.



At UGJIS, there is never an element of doubt. There is no scepticism and no illogical explanations. We believe that it is in being certain that you exhibit signs of positivity and assertiveness. All our actions are focussed on being logical and definite conclusions.

At UGJIS, everything is a matter of choice not chance. Everything that you witness is not by default by design. 2020 aims to put them in a right frame of mind confirming them that things are being taken care off. All they have to do is trade well.



When we say, it addresses to the quality aspect of it. We provide value for money to our exhibitors in form of time, effort, thoughts, knowledge and engagement that we put in to pull off the exhibition and helping our stakeholders get confidence that their money is not spend but invested. Our pricing matrix justifies the fact that why we are the right choice year on year.

All our actions will be directed towards these 6 dimensions and you will witness them spread across the entire UGJIS 2020.