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Managing Director, Ranka Jewellers Private Limited President, Maharashtra Rajya Saraf Suvarnkar Federation President, Pune Saraf Association

I am very pleased with the organizers for having worked hard to develop UGJIS into a show which the jewellers of Maharashtra, North Karnataka & Goa look forward to with great enthusiasm. It however, is sad that despite Pune growing in leaps and bounds in the jewellery and other sectors, the city does not have a convention centre to host trade shows. It is time all of us come together to achieve this. I extend my support to Team Stylus Events India in making this event bigger in future.


Managing Director, Emerald Jewel Industry India Limited

I laud the participants for their support in making Pune a destination for jewellery trade and am impressed with the growth of UGJIS. Maharashtra is a growing market and such a show is apt for this market. I am stymied by the display showcased by the participants and I have a word of praise for all of them. I am also very appreciative of the organizers’ efforts to put up a very professional show complete in all respects.


Former National President, India Bullion and Jewellers Association

IBJA is associated with the Unique Gems & Jewellery International Show, Pune organized by Stylus Events India. IBJA supports the initiative of Make in Maharashtra which is on the lines of Make in India initiative. IBJA, having its roots in Maharashtra is actively looking forward to work for the Gems and Jewellery trade in Maharashtra and Stylus Events India is setting a platform for the jewellers and manufacturers and enabling them to showcase their products. Our endeavour in the execution of this grand vision through UGJIS is to ensure the emergence of Maharashtra State as a business hub for the Jewellery Industry and Stylus Events India is setting the pathway for the same.


Director, Bhawani Gold Pvt Ltd

The Maharashtra market has tremendous potential. With the challenges that lie ahead, we need to be cautious though, while penetrating this market. The right medium has to be chosen for us to get optimum results. We have noticed that UGJIS has always delivered the best results and with the professionalism Team Stylus has shown, we are confident that the fifth edition of UGJIS in 2019 will be a tremendous hit! We wish Team Stylus the very best!


Director, Stylus Events India Private Limited Organizer, UGJIS

We will continue to work harder to ensure that we keep making it easier for all our stakeholders to engage in trade. This show is a result of the support and trust placed in us by the jewellery fraternity which we need to take forward. Our team has worked round the clock to put up this show. We feel extremely encouraged by the positive response and this will only inspire us to work harder.


Director, Stylus Events India Private Limited Organizer, UGJIS

This year, UGJIS has gotten bigger than the last three editions. For the markets in Maharashtra, North Karnataka & Goa, UGJIS has become a landmark event that signifies healthy trade. Pune is slowly but surely inching towards becoming the jewellery hub we have dreamt of. Even jewellers from other states are looking at Pune seriously. This will further strengthen the belief that Pune is one of the fastest growing jewellery trade hubs and with this proliferation, this industry is expected to grow in an organized manner. This means that in future, the government can look at giving the city both a national & international status which would then make trade easier. UGJIS will help narrow the problems between the small and big players. This will result in a healthy competition within the trade. And with UGJIS 2019 slated to take place in the first half of next year, the visitors will get the opportunity to engage in trade that is synonymous with international standards and with the support of the various jewellery associations in our target market, we are sure to take UGJIS to every village that falls within the precincts of our exhibition.


Director, Mangalsutram

We have received an overwhelming response to our designs in UGJIS and this has been very encouraging for us. UGJIS 2019, which will the edition of this blue-chip show, will really be a boost for our trade and we are confident Team Stylus will keep up the good work of organizing the show as they have been over the last four editions.


President, Gulbarga Saraf Association. Vice President, Karnataka Jewellery Federation

The need of the hour for the jewellery industry is to constantly keep looking out for technological upgrades and updates, latest designs, global scenario and also to be in sync with the dynamic market changes. Therefore, I feel exhibitions are perhaps one of the best sources which help the jewellers to not just engage in business but also network and be abreast with the latest designs and technology. UGJIS is a wonderful platform which is really helping the jewellers from North Karnataka, Goa and Maharashtra and I wish the organizers the very best!


Secretary, Satara Jilha Saraf Samiti, Satara

I feel UGJIS is the perfect show for Maharashtra and all jewellers from the state must visit it. The designs showcased by participants will help retailers understand new trends in the market. This will help the growth of about 15-20% in this business.


Ex-President, Satara Jilha Saraf Samiti, Satara

UGJIS is a platform which will help push jewellery business and it has already started helping jewellers across Maharashtra. It is also the perfect knowledge upgrade centre. The networking between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers will become strong as a result of UGJIS and this will help the industry tremendously, especially in difficult times. Retailers need to be given extensive education about the industry so that they can increase their customer-base.UGJIS is a platform which will help push jewellery business and it has already started helping jewellers across Maharashtra. It is also the perfect knowledge upgrade centre. The networking between manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers will become strong as a result of UGJIS and this will help the industry tremendously, especially in difficult times. Retailers need to be given extensive education about the industry so that they can increase their customer-base.


President, Ichalkaranji Parisar Saraf & Suvarnkar Association

UGJIS has helped Ichalkaranji tremendously. Most of our jewellers are now in touch with big wholesalers and manufacturers and this has happened only due to UGJIS. I feel this is a tremendous platform for our region. The seminar which will be held at UGJIS 2017 will be very useful to all of us as they connect with our trade.


President, Kolhapur Jilha Saraf & Suvarnkar Sangh

Because of UGJIS, big jewellers are able to reach rural markets and this has helped small jewellers which is very good for the future of this industry. This has boosted the confidence of the small jewellers and they are now seeking education and updates on the latest trends in the industry. All this because jewellers are having a direct connect with big names that participate in UGJIS.


President, Saraf Suvarnkar Sanghatna, Ratnagiri

UGJIS is a very good initiative taken by the organizers for the common retailer. It has been very beneficial to the industry.

Girish Solanki

Girish Jewellers

We have always advocated that exhibitions give rise to business opportunities for everyone. The designs, displays, interaction, knowledge sharing platforms, networking space, opportunity to study project management, building relations and many such aspects come naturally with exhibitions and one must be able to grab them. Our designs are already well-sought after and we need to keep up the same. With UGJIS, every visitor gets the above opportunities as the organizers have an excellent connect with the trade fraternity. The fifth edition of UGJIS will certainly be an excellent business platform for both participants and visitors.

Laxman Jain

S S Gold Unit Of SS Chains Jewellery Pvt. Ltd

We have been very closely watching UGJIS and its approach towards the market. We feel Team Stylus understands the requirements and engage in creating the perfect fitment for both sellers and buyers to fan trade engagement and contract business. Every year, UGJIS brings in new trade visitors and that is the reason for their growth. We feel our designs complement the market requirements and in the fifth edition of UGJIS, we will be eking out some amazing designs which will appeal to one and all.

Fulchand Oswal

Nakoda Gold & Silver

We have, through UGIS platform, managed to get into markets which otherwise would have been difficult for us to venture into. Team Stylus doesn’t just organize; they engage, educate, elucidate and edify their participants and visitors about market dynamics making it easier for us to attend to the visitors. We would like all retailers to visit UGJIS 2019 and be abreast of the latest trends, designs, technology and knowledge in the gem & jewellery trade. Truly, UGJIS 2019 will be one of the best shows in the country!

Jugraj Bohara

Mangalmani Jewellers

We have been associated with UGJIS since its inception and have seen Team Stylus working harder and harder each year to provide the best to their stakeholders. For us, UGJIS isn’t just and exhibition; it is an expression of various like-minded people, who desire to work for the gem and jewellery trade, come together and create space for business management, knowledge-exchange, understanding of market dynamics, trouble-shooting and many such facets which help towards development and growth. We are very excited and happy to be a part of UGJIS family and look forward to the success of this show. UGJIS 2019 will surely be the table for many new innovative designs and displays. Come, be a part of this extravaganza!!

Arvind Dhakad

Mangalmani Jewellers

The growth of UGJIS is worth a case-study. The scientific manner in which Team Stylus has worked shows its commitment, dedication and allegiance towards developing the market. As one of the first participants in UGJIS, we are happy to witness the growth of the exhibition and the market. Today, jewellers from both urban and rural markets look forward to the show since every participant in the show is a discerning one who cares and caters to the markets of Maharashtra, North Karnataka & Goa. It is very pleasing to see many good names being a part of the show. We look forward to the fifth edition of UGJIS and take this opportunity to invite all jewellers to visit the show.

Praful Jain

Sanket Jewellers

The market dynamics change with every passing day. It is very difficult to control this. However, for any businessman, to study the conditions, engage in appropriate forecasting and to be within the precincts of ethical business practice are few of the activities which need to followed relentlessly. And Team Stylus is synonymous with these engagements which are responsible for UGJIS coming out with new facets every year. They have captured the essence of the market through a very judicious approach and also apprise us on the requirements and trends of newer markets as compared to the existing ones. This has helped us tremendously and we look forward to the fifth edition of UGJIS.

Jayesh Jain

Sanket Jewellers

In tough and challenging times, it is important to be aware about the reality and what steps need to be taken to quell the approaching mitigating forces. All of us are aware that the last couple of years have been extremely stimulating for our industry and it has taken more than a while to settle. With GST implementation, business can now be smooth. And slowly, the trade is getting back towards normalcy. Therefore, jewellers will choose mediums which will help development and growth in the new era and exhibitions surely will be sought after. With UGJIS, the fitment of market requirements vis-à-vis delivery & service takes precedence and that is the primary reason why this exhibition has managed to capture the hearts and souls of the fraternity. We look forward to our participation and are confident that the latest and new designs which we will showcase exclusively in UGJIS 2019 will be a hit with one and all.

Jayesh Jain

Sanket Jewellers

I feel very happy that organizers like Team Stylus take a lot of feedback from participants like us and then try their best to get solutions to make situations better for all stakeholders. As one of the earliest participants in the show, We are constantly apprised by Team Stylus about their activities and engagements in regards of UGJIS and this has helped us tremendously. This reveals the transparency of work and application which is rarely seen today. And that is primarily the reason for UGJIS to be where it is today. The market penetration has been fantastic and Team Stylus understands the pulse of the trade requirements which they work at to expedite. UGJIS 2019, the fifth edition, will surely be one-of-its-kind.

Bharat Jain

Maa Gold

We have been extremely choosy about our markets and designs since we rely on total quality management. Through UGJIS, we have managed to interface with some amazing customers who are extremely concerned about what they offer to their clients. We have also gotten into newer markets and are now expanding our base to cities which have tremendous potential but have been off our radar till now. UGJIS is the perfect platform for us and we look forward to the fifth edition in 2019.

Ramesh Padalkar

Disha Ornament

Every trade needs to work together to achieve both individual and collective goals. Market situations which the trade has witnessed over the last two-three years have certainly brought about changes. Changes in regards of trade practices, ethics, support, goals and customer relations have predominantly ruled the roost. There is no more that contentious approach towards fellow-traders and this I believe, will help get back on track. Alongwith this approach, it is also necessary to choose platforms which will optimize and augment investment. And exhibitions, in my opinion, wherein the target audience is defined is one such vehicle that needs to be explored. For us, UGJIS is a perfect foil that covers our markets and we have been able to network and interface with some extremely professional and updated clients with whom business engagements have helped us tremendously. We look forward to the fifth edition of UGJIS in 2019!

Jeetendra Sonigara

Sonigara Jewellers

Through UGJIS, we have come to know the vastness of this market. This has made us both confident and jittery. Confident because we have the wherewithal to engage in any market and jittery because of the expectations our customers have from us. Quality is the name of the game and whoever rolls out the best will be the one to move forward. We are extremely proud of our brand and we choose only platforms which help showcase our stature. And UGJIS for us, is the perfect track to showcase our strengths. We will be showcasing designs which will be exclusive and it is we extend our invitation to all jewellers from Maharashtra, Karnataka & Goa to visit the fifth edition of UGJIS in 2019.

Kirti Oswal

Siddhesh Jewellers

We have always been very conservative in our approach and have only catered to the customer base we have developed over the years. To move into an aggressive space and showcase our ware with all the big-wigs of the industry was something we were sceptical about. But through UGJIS, we have realized that we can cater to a far larger market with virtually limitless capacities. Through participation in UGJIS, we now realize that sky is the limit for us as our designs have been very well-received by the market. It is now a fresh challenge for us to keep up this new-found stature and we are extremely confident of scaling higher peaks in customer deliverance and service. The fifth edition of UGJIS in 2019 will certainly be a landmark event for us.

Manish Jain

Manish Jewellers

We have witnessed growth through UGJIS and this has been one encouraging factor for us. The market has been growing even in very trying conditions and this is one aspect which needs to be studied carefully by business houses. Pune has always been a market well-connected and we have seen a lot of business and trade engagements over the years. But with UGJIS, the market proliferation has witnessed tactical business engagements in the gem and jewellery segment and this has helped the trade fraternity. The fifth edition of UGJIS in 2019 will surely bring in new designs and business platforms for trade.

Dinesh Shah

Shree Ratnamani Jewels

Maharashtra is our base and we have been the dominating force for a long, long time now. Through UGJIS, we have fortified our base and have also gotten new customers who find our quality and designs very worthy of being sourced by their markets. We have received an excellent response through UGJIS and this has helped us create new designs using latest technology and craftsmanship. We are eagerly looking forward to UGJIS 2019 which will its fifth edition and we take this platform to invite all retailers and trade personnel from the gem & jewellery fraternity to visit UGJIS 2019.

Luv Rastogi

Softwaregen Technologies

Like jewellery, machinery and allied sections are also integral components that complement the gem & jewellery business. At Softwaregen, we believe that jewellery business needs to be abreast with technology which helps manufacture, market and maintain trade from the back-end which is as important as its front-end. Today, jewellers and jewellery houses have realized the need to have professional companies which create packages useful for expediting business working models on a day-to-day basis. UGJIS has helped us educate visitors about the need for having systems to facilitate, enhance and optimize business. We look forward to UGJIS 2019 and wish Team Stylus all the best.