All that glitters should never lose out on its shine. The special ornaments that enhanced your wedding look deserve all the pampering even after the wedding functions are over. The reason can be the huge investment that you have made to buy them but also the emotional attachment that you will have them all your life.

We wanted to keep it simple and easy because we understand the wedding madness. The post work should be quick and easy. Thus, we listed down easy Do’s and Don’ts to keep your all types of jewellery novel and shinning. Have a look-

1) Gold Jewellery

  • Clean your gold jewellery with cotton cloth or agentle brush twice a month
  • Store them in soft pouches.
  • Keep chains and other stuff separately to avoid entanglement
  • Do not wear any gold ornament while taking shower. Gold being a soft metal builds up soap and damages the ornament
  • Never ever use chlorine to clean gold.

2) Silver jewellery

  • Store them in air tight boxes to avoid exposure to oxygen
  • Keep it away from water. Remove them before showers or during rain.
  • Avoid wearing them during regular household chores. The sweat takes away the shine too.
  • Use microfiber cloth or special jewellery cloth (not paper towels or toilet paper) to clean your goods.
  • Take water and baking soda. Use an old toothbrush or cleaning wand to apply this DIY cleaner in gentle motions and movements.

3) Diamond Jewellery

  • Avoid wearing them while exercising. Hard blows damage diamonds.
  • Make sure diamond is the last thing you wear while getting ready. The chemicals in makeup products and perfume can damage your precious gem.
  • Infuse diamonds in an ammonia –based cleaning agent overnight and clean it with brush the next morning.
  • Keep your diamond pieces separately. Since diamond is comparatively a harder gem, it can destroy others in the box.

4) Polki/ Kundan jewellery

  • Always wrap in butter paper or cotton cloth. Store them in a cool, dry place without being in contact with moisture
  • Never clean them with water or any homemade detergent.
  • Take a small piece of common eraser (rubber) to remove stains and marks
  • Take a baby brush, dip it in a bit of face powder, and give the piece a brush over and then air it for a while
  • Always keep a silica pouch in the kundan jewellery box. It helps avoid tarnishing and cracking.