Director, Bhawani Gold Pvt Ltd – Platinum Sponsor

We have often advocated exhibitions as one of the most potent trade platforms which encompasses a gamut of activities leading to business expansion. Our presence exhibitions often assists in meeting and networking with like-minded prospects with the scope for enhancement of business values. UGJIS, in its 11th edition, has scaled many a height due to its professional approach toward getting the trade community together and we have witnessed the robust growth in the targeted markets as more and more jewellers now get the opportunity to explore the perfect crucible for engagement. The festive season is round the corner and we have meticulously planned to showcase an array of designs suited to the market. See you all in UGJIS 2024!


Director, Mangalsutram – Platinum category sponsor

We have been associated with UGJIS since its inception and the primary reason for this is that UGJIS has focused on the fastest growing market in the country and their relentless pursuit of penetration has helped a very large number of jewellers get adequate exposure to trade engagement. We have noticed over the years that the market has grown and there are many jewellers who now use networking and technology to meet customer requirements and are very open towards adopting the latest trends. UGJIS has been a pivot which was needed to create the tade and market balance and with the festive season approaching, this is the right time for us to showcase a veriety of new designs which are most suited to the connoisseurs of taste and asthetics. Looking forward to a very busy UGJIS 2024!

Ramesh Padalkar

Director, Disha Ornaments Pvt. Ltd. - Diamond category sponsor

One needs to have an advanced vision to explore markets which, on first impression appear nascent. Maharashtra, with its diverse tastes and ethos, has always adopted the dynamic platform and this has kept traders on their toes. To reach out to such a market needs platforms that are competitive, challenging and state-of-the-art. UGJIS, with its omphalos view, is the apt cohort for exhibitors to meet trade fraternity who are keen to explore and engage in business. Our stint in UGJIS has been very fruitful; we have reached out to many markets which have the potential for expansion and this is a very encouraging sign for all participants. 2024 promises to be a very busy year and with the focus on trade being given that muchneeded impetus, we must continue to reach out to the targeted markets through UGJIS! Welcome to UGJIS 2024!!

Anil Jain

Director, Sanket Jewellers LLP - Silver category sponsor

It has been a fantastic journey for us with UGJIS. The market penetration by the team of committed and dedicated professionals shown their intent in building and developing the gem & jewellery industry in Maharashtra, North Karnakata & Goa. Over the last few editions, we have also seen many visitors from other states who have found UGJIS to be a sound trade platform for engagement. This growth has been possible due to the network built by Team UGJIS and we laud them for it. Market dynamics of late have acquired a pace that needs effective and efficient catching-up and to be up there, one constantly needs to adopt the process of continuous renewal. We are extremely buoyed by the fact that UGJIS will take place before the season and this will be a busy avenue for all of us. Do visit UGJIS 2024 and we do have a number of new designs which we plan to unveil in this blue-chip show!

Suresh Bapna

Director, Shree Kalptaru Jewels India Pvt. Ltd. - Associate category sponsor

I am thrilled to extend a warm invitation to all my esteemed trade brothers to join us at the eagerly anticipated 11th edition of the UGJIS Exhibition. As the proud sponsor since its inaugural edition, our journey with Team UGJIS has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by sustained motivation, hard work, and remarkable growth. At Shree Kalptaru Jewels India Pvt Ltd, we are excited to showcase an extensive array of exclusive designs tailored specifically for this exhibition. We are confident that visitors will find our designs not only exquisite but also perfectly suited for their respective markets. I wholeheartedly invite all my trade brothers to join us at UGJIS 2024, immerse themselves in the latest trends, and be part of an event that continues to shape the landscape of the jewellery industry. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Harivijay Deokar

Proprietor, D R Bullion - Bullion Partner

With current trade norms, the stage is set for a very hectic 2024. The gem & jewellery industry is expanding across markets with respect to infrastructure and technology. Post-pandemic, customers have realized the importance of gold as an irreplaceable asset and we have therefore, seen a rise in business. In such a potent environment, exhibitions play a very crucial role in leveraging the movement of trade. UGJIS, with its measured and planned approach, has reached out to even remote regions thereby creating a viable landscape for business expansion. Our association with UGJIS, from its first edition, has enabled us reach the interiors and expand our bandwidth. We expect UGJIS 2024 to be very responsive since the planning and timing of the show is perfect for all stakeholders. Welcome to UGJIS 2024!

Paresh Solanki

Owner, Amrut Jewellers - Kit-Bag sponsor

We have utilized our presence in UGJIS to launch new designs and this has helped us expand our market reach to areas which we found arduous since the market is vast and it is difficult to gauge the potential without the touch-and-feel experience. Team UGJIS has been relentless in exploring new markets and with each edition, UGJIS has built its presence even in remote regions and it is encouraging to note that all these markets are potent ones. This year, we have planned to introduce a variety of designs which will showcase the growing needs of the insatiable trade fraternity and we invite all jewellers to visit UGJIS 2024 and harvest the ware. Our vision of providing quality designs and unparalleled service to all our stakeholders will be testament to all visitors and we look forward to serving you through our conceptions.

Kumar Anvekar

Proprietor, Shri Sai Motiwale - Registration Partner

Exhibitions play a very important role in a market which is constantly seeking expansion. With growing number of jewellers, there is pressure on manufacturers and wholesalers to have designs suited to the trade diaspora and this makes our presence more challenging and competitive. UGJIS has provided us the direction to move forward in a frenzied marketplace which is constantly commanding change and enhancement. We have reached out to many retailers and have, courtesy UGJIS, built up a network that believes in trade engagement. This year, the 11th edition of UGJIS is expected to have a very high level of visitorship especially since their online registrations are very, very high. We are confident of providing the best designs and services during the show and look forward to networking with industry stalwarts and trade aspirants visiting UGJIS 2024!

Manoj Jain

Owner, Mahadev Nath & Jewellers - Badge Partner

Market proliferation has led to expanding markets, frenzied customer requirements, customization and frequent technology-upgrades. For one to be abreast all these, it is imperative to expose oneself to avenues which provide them. And exhibitions, without doubt, are the crucibles which form a perfect fitment. Meeting and understanding retailer requirements and eking out suitable and customized designs need to be focused upon for strategic branding & penetration. And exhibitions help in networking with a diaspora that defines these facets. Our association with UGJIS since its inception has been a pivot for us to trade in markets across most states in the country. Congratulating Team UGJIS on their journey so far and wishing them the very best for the 11th edition of UGJIS!!! See you all in UGJIS 2024!