Gold Tends…

Since time immemorial, jewellery has not just been an accoutrement but an intrinsic part of every woman’s life journey. No wardrobe seems complete without a trinket box tucked carefully in a corner of a shelf, a few coveted pieces of jewellery ensconced within it. Jewellery, that has been a source of support during times of strife, jewellery that has stood the test of time and jewellery that has been testimony to the rise and fall of the family fortunes.

A woman’s adornment of jewellery has always been influenced by the times she lived in and also her socio-economic status. Even before metals were introduced, both men and women bedecked themselves with jewellery fashioned from animal bones and feather. The higher their socioeconomic status was, the bigger were the embellishments. With the passage of time, new metals evolved and so did jewellery. For more than 5000 years, gold jewellery has played an important role in India’s culture and tradition. In India, every auspicious occasion is marked by buying gold ornaments. The geographic diversity is such that gold jewellery is no longer considered a symbol of wealth and status but is also a fundamental part of many Indian rituals.

Traditional jewellery has always a firm favourite of the Indian woman of yore. Not anymore. Today’s modern woman styles her gold jewellery according to the persona she dons. For office wear it is usually light weight jewellery embellished with semi-precious gems. An evening out calls for a single bold piece, understated yet elegant. Tribal motifs worn by women hundreds of years ago are slowly making a comeback in a new avatar. The urban woman, for everyday wear has slowly begun to veer towards classic European designs set in rose gold. Traditional religious motifs set in contemporary designs are increasingly being paired not just with indo-western wear but also western wear. Bridal jewellery has also undergone a metamorphosis. Single statement pieces in the form of a multi layered necklace or a Jadau or Polki studded choker are trending.

This precious metal is no longer cloaked in the garb of bright yellow but has managed to break free and showcase its resplendence in all its hues. Gold remains not just the flavour of this season but of all seasons to come.