Ranjeet Shinde, Director, B2B Stylus India LLP:

Ranjeet Shinde, Director, B2B Stylus India LLP: All of us have to move forward; taking each step with care matters. We need to look at this present situation as a case of force majeure and overcome it. I have always believed that when one door closes, it provides us an opportunity to look for other openings which have hitherto been unused and can be explored with better results. Today, this pandemic has provided us enough headpiece to test our resolve and resilience. We need to look at our strengths and resources and use them to firm the ground we are on. Communicating with our customers is importunate but keeping our team together will help us when this difficult time weans away. Learning the latest aspects of trade will only increase our already existing knowledge of business and we must gear up for that. The pandemic might have slowed our pace but it can in no way, eliminate it. Remember, the opportunities which lie ahead are immense and we have to be ready to be in sync with them. We are currently in a situation wherein we can only succeed once we decide to move forward. But we need to plan that. And be positive. Because the man who stays positive alone will succeed. Come on, we have been given a second opportunity to cement our place in our trade.