UGJIS 2020: The Trade Bonanza

Unique Gems and Jewellery International Show (UGJIS) was launched in 2015 to cater to the growing requirements of the jewellery fraternity within the state of Maharashtra that the team then felt was in a dire need to have a gem and jewellery exhibition for the community.

Our objective at Day 1 was to be part of this trade community and Maharashtra as a state, have given us the right expansion over the years provided the state extends laterally and has an expanse of trade community within its precincts. The encouraging and path-breaking response that we received year on year from exhibitors, visitors and stakeholders has helped UGJIS evolve in trade development and become better and bigger.

One of the very important components of trade is how you get the participants engaged and at UGJIS, we believe in helping every participant build a strong network by the end of three-day bonanza every year. This networking is not only restricted to buyers and sellers but with the key delegates from the industry who not only trade but bring a pool of knowledge with them to UGJIS.

The exhibition every year becomes a platform for the participants to get exposed to the dynamic structure of the industry and interact with people who are either leading the changes or are experts of the industry knowledge. Thus, becoming a catalyst to provide an impetus to this knowledge transfer.

We believe that the actual definition of trade is not buying and selling but sharing knowledge, increased networking and helping participants expand their business.

With the focused goal of stakeholders’ satisfaction, UGJIS over the years have expanded and now facilitates trade in Maharashtra Karnataka and Goa. Instead of just being a trade symbol, the UGJIS takes local industry of Maharashtra, North Karnataka, and Goa, towards the future. It pushes them to upgrade themselves in every aspect of the trade and also make them ready to create and build network.

As we now reach another edition of UGJIS (2020), we look forward to see our participants getting indulged in strong mindshare and build network that will help them open hundred more avenues in the trade. The 6th edition of the UGJIS will be held on the 7th, 8th, and 9th of March 2020. 

See you at the sixth edition of UGJIS 2020!