Undeterred, The Celebrations Will Reign High…!

This is perhaps the first time, Ganeshotsav celebrations will be extremely low-key in its publicity, grandeur and extravagance. For a state that revels in the glory of the 10-day affair complete with the most exquisite emblazonment, Maharashtra, by choice of compulsion, will virtually lockdown all celebrations for obvious reasons.
To everyone, this is the worst that could ever have happened. We look forward to and love our festivals – there are so many facets attached with each one of them! Our strategy towards celebrations has always been overweening and baroque; therefore, holding back on any of them is non-existent. Yet, we have to, this year, exercise restraint and refrain from what we love to do best.

But let us use this moment to be conscious-keepers of society and do what best we can to ward off this invisible predator that lurks dangerously close to us. Let us follow the command which we all, by now, are well-versed with, and help stem the tide. Let us celebrate within the precincts of our homes and pray to Lord Ganesh to get us out of this stratum. Let us pledge to do our bit – however small and miniscule – to be effective in our contribution. 

Let this moment not take away from us our will to live and let live. We need to stand together, help one another and commit to the cause of saving our brethren from the fangs of this pandemic. And we have to emerge strong. We have to take the cue from Bappa who conquered evil and removed obstacles. We need to do the same.

We shall overcome, yes we shall. As we welcome Lord Ganesh, the champion of intellect and wisdom, to our homes, let us assure him that we will be responsible to ourselves, our family, near and dear ones and to our society and help restore normalcy through responsibility, ethics and duty.

Therefore, let our rendition of Sukhkarta Dukhharta Varta Vignachi this year, reverberate and resonate with true meaning…!

Ganpati Bappa Moraya!!!!