Jainam Gold - Premier Manufacturers Of Jewellery

What started out as a jewellery whole seller business has evolved over time into a fully integrated jewellery company with combined production and distribution systems encompassing everything from design making to jewellery manufacturing for retail. This evolution is the result of the big vision that the founder and owners of Jainam Gold Pvt. Ltd hold for their company. With their strong and well -coordinated team of designers, manufacturers and managers, they have made their own road instead of following a trail.

Founded in 2005 by Mr. Kantilal Jain, the legacy is now run by Mr. Dinesh Oswal, Mr Sachin Jain and Mr Ashish Jain. The most interesting fact about this team is the different expertise that these four come up with.

Sachin who is associated with the company right from the beginning has kept the business values intact to nurture the brand in the right direction. From selling quality products, ensuring the variety, and making regular investments in business, Sachin clearly has taken the golden rules set up by this father seriously.

Since Jainam gold is in industry for years, it understands the complicated nature of this market. Tastes vary even within the same state and thus have Mr. Dinesh who closely deals with rural retailers to understand the customer better.

Ashish, who joined the company in 2005 has brought with him the technical and digital empowerment for Jainam. An IT guy, who saw great potential in the industry, established the Jainam’s manufacturing unit in Pune. This one of its kind unit in the city is the real time example of knowledge and experience. Well planned, well thought and well managed.

From the variety of products like nose pins, rings and earrings, Jainam’s speciality lies in solitaire products. Besides local retailers’, they also have corporate clients in their bucket.

As they enter in the fourth year of collaboration with UGJIS, we can expect something very new that Pune must has never seen before. Though we did not get any final details but we definitely picked up the hints of new collection that Mr. Sachin dropped during the course of interview.

You can spot Jainam gold Pvt. Ltd at stall No A2, at UGJIS 2019 from 15th- 17th June, 2019 at Auto Cluster, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.