She loves her jewellery– Part II

The visit to the showroom was as usual, her plan. Though not an aficionado of jewels, she still possessed the knack of picking up some real masterpieces both in design and aesthetic value. To add to it, her wealth of knowledge in the field of decoratives was immense.

As we made our way to the store, we were greeted by some kids who were on their way out. One of them, a spritely young boy, stopped by to offer a grin which wifey readily reciprocated.

“Hello, Ma’am” the little one began. “Going to buy jewellery, eh…!” he grinned naughtily.

“Yes, my dear…” Wifey was extremely courteous. “What’s your name, kiddo?” I readied myself to play the perfect spectator.

“Arman, Ma’am.” He must have been all of ten, I thought. “That’s my mother; she has just gone to the supermarket adjacent. And I am waiting for her here…” He pointed out in the direction of the market.

“Did you visit the jewellery store, Beta?” He looked a trifle surprised, “I actually did. Mumma presented this lovely ring to me” He proudly showed off his finger with a tiny gold ring around it. I looked very, very happy.

“Lovely. Lovely. But you should be careful not to be going around showing it to strangers, my child…” Wifey’s voice trailed off and I could sense concern.

‘I know I should be careful. But I knew I could trust you, so I showed it to you, Ma’am.” He was full of innocence. When was the last time I had seen such innocence, I wondered.

Wifey sensed the moment of pride and asked the kid, “Tell me, do you like jewellery?”. “Yes, but only when it is buying jewels for my sister,” His face lit up.

“And do you know anything about jewellery?” Wifey appeared a trifle pushy. “Not much. Just that there are five basic tools that are used for making jewellery,” he fiddled with his ring in the most childish manner as if he were running a cloth over it. “And which are they?” Wifey straightened her nose.

“Wire-cutters, crimp tools, flat-nosed pliers, chain-nosed pliers and round-nosed pliers,” he answered without looking up.

I could sense the lager of competition brewing; this sure was interesting. This little kid!!!

And then, Arman was on a roll… “Wire-cutters are used as tools when you try to cut head-pins and also the wire used to cord jewellery. The cutter’s flat side is always kept close to the work so that the cut is very close. And Crimp tools are used when one needs to clasp the end of the beading wire. Also, when you need to hold beads in designs where we can see the wire between beaded sections…” I was beginning to get impressed with this little competitor. Wifey, bemused by the sudden outflow of knowledge from this unassuming kid, ventured further. “Go on, child. Sounds good…!”

“Flat-nosed pillars do not possess a tapering tip but instead, are flat and this helps to grasp the jewellery wire. In case of Chain-nosed pliers, the inner portion is flat and this is to grip the wire. They are used for getting into small areas since they taper towards the end and do not have ridges.”

I was stymied. Quietly, I leaned against the railing outside the store in a bid to control my growing adulation for this wonderkid. Looking towards wifey, I tried to check her countenance. She was carrying on the conversation in her imperious best; just that her otherwise supposed listener had now taken charge.

“When one needs to make coils or twists, you should use round-nosed pliers which are rounded and are used for making loops. The tips of the plier taper towards the end and it is here that you can, while working, place your wire along the tip to get the size of coil you want.”

“And how do you know all this? Do you use them?” Wifey fired two shots concurrently. Arman, composed as ever, smiled. “Well, Of course yes!”

Confused, wifey continued her fire. “And where do you use them?”

“In the shop.” He fiddled with his ring again. And quickly turned to leave.

“Wait!” Wifey needed answers before the kid left.

“Excuse me! That’s Arman, my son. I hope he hasn’t played a prank on you…” The suave, pretty lady with a touch of elegance smiled. “No, he hasn’t. Instead, he just shared some knowledge…” For once, wifey was interrupted. “With his knowledge of jewellery?” Now it was wifey’s turn to look stunned.

“This jewellery showroom belongs to us. And Arman, from a young age, has been harbouring dreams to become a jewellery designer. And he has the skills too…!”

We were never in doubt