Hum Honge Kaamyaab..! Hosted by Stylus Events India Private Limited

When uncertainty grips, it drives a man to unfold his powers. And he can, but only if he desires so. What will create this drive depends on the ability to overcome and withstand every adverse thought that comes his way. The art of staying positive isn’t confined to just a few but to each and every one. But how can one acquire positivity in this testing situation? Especially when there appears uncertainty ahead? How does a businessman ready himself/herself to face tomorrow in this difficult phase? That’s why Mental Wellness and Having a Positive Frame of Mind is important. Dr. Maithily Pendse, Psychologist and Business Consultant, shares her views on this very sensitive aspect.


Team Management is a very crucial aspect in every trade. The success of an organization is its ability to nourish, nurture, and nurse its team. Herculean it may appear but with the right approach, every team can be the best. Keeping them motivated and away from stress is very pivotal for a company to flourish. Dr. Nilesh Gokhale, Noted Academician and Mentor (Brand Communication) shares insights on, Team Management & Overcoming Stress, a very vital cog in every company’s wheel.


Much has been written and spoken about Relationship Management. Be it personal, professional, or intimate, managing relationships across domains is a continuous process. In trade, one tends to assume until proven otherwise and with the current situation, it is indeed very important to gain valuable sagaciousness on this aspect. Manufacturing, marketing, and maintaining relationships is in itself a sustained process. Dr. Pushkar Phadtare, Internationally acclaimed trainer and Consultant, Behavioural Studies, Sales & Marketing, will share with the attendees his views on Relationship Management.


Having a vision for the remainder of the year takes precedence especially because of effective planning and putting into place its pieces will be of utmost importance. One needs to know the direction to be taken and the path to be followed. SWOT analysis of one’s business ethos has to be defined. In this moment of uncertainty, the guidelines defining effectivity of vision will be underlined by none other than Shri Fatechand Ranka, noted lawyer and a successful champion of the gem and jewellery trade and a personality par excellence who will speak on Vision 2020.


In summation, nothing is complete without effecting the journey of success. A process with challenges that come along, clarity of thought, and application of values coupled with the urge to keep moving are facets that help overcome tough times. It is here that one becomes aware of his/her mettle. Mr. Ranjeet Shinde, Director, Stylus Events India Private Limited will light up this journey with his insights on The Journey of Success.


Of course, Hum Honge Kaamyaab!!!


The webinar, Hum Honge Kaamyaab will be held from 6 pm to 7.30 pm on Friday, May 15, 2020, on Zoom Platform.